policy and program research, analysis, and strategic advisory services
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Policy and Program Research, Analysis, and Advisory Services

Thunder Lake Management Inc. is an incorporated (1998) private company that conducts management consulting projects for public and private sector clients.

Thunder Lake Management Inc. offers professional policy and program services with a focus on:

Major Capability Areas

Management Consulting; Research and Analysis Services; Policy and Planning Initiatives; Economics, Politics and Social Issues; Strategic Framework Development; Education and Training.

Description of Consulting Services

Change Management; Organisational Resource Utilisation and Renewal; Strategic Planning; Economic Development Policy and Planning; Project and Program Evaluation; International Economic Relations (Trade Policy and Development); Policy Research and Analysis (economic development, international business issues, including export strategies for small and medium-sized businesses, effective business plans, and development policy options for public bodies).


Seminars and workshops on issues related to Canadian public policy context and dynamics, policy process, strategic and operational planning, policy analysis frameworks and research techniques, international political economy, global financial and economic conditions.

Special Services

UNIDO-style Rapid Field Reconnaissance for political and economic risk assessment, and project pre-feasibility purposes.

See Recent Projects for a listing of works that include background policy studies, organisational transformation and change management, evaluation and performance measurement, facilitation, strategy development, as well as advisory and support services in trade remedies cases, and detailed analysis of the trade policy implications of e-commerce, trade in services, investment, subsidies, Canada-United States trade disputes, and trade related environmental concerns.

Completed assignments include work to develop marketing strategy for post-secondary foreign recruitment; methodological research on new approaches to sustainable development; and identifying humanitarian supply markets for surplus commodities.

Professional associates with extensive policy and management experience in trade, development, and regional economic development add depth and insight to our research and analysis products.

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