seattle to doha: in search of a new round
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seattle to doha: in search of a new round

this section of the site is dedicated to negotiating draft texts, communiques, statements, reports, and decisions from the third wto ministerial in seattle to the fourth wto ministerial in doha.

the focus here is to provide a selective documentary trail from seattle in december 1999 to doha in november 2001. this trek is noteworthy because the distance travelled in negotiating terms is considerably less than what one might have imagined possible just over two years ago. the promise of integrating the developing world on an equitable basis into the multilateral trading system in particular grows ever more doubtful.

obviously not all documents produced in the last two years are listed here. however, a great many of the key outputs along the way to the doha round can be found here.

your submission of other relevant documents is always appreciated. please use the address given here.

finally, please be patient, as some of the files listed are large.

wto 3rd ministerial conference, seattle
november 30 - december 3, 1999

wto 4th ministerial conference, doha
november 9 - november 14, 2001

accession of the people's republic of china

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