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eu drill list
    directorates general
    dg i (external relations: north america, far east, australia and new zealand)
    dg ia (external relations: europe and the nis, common foreign and security policy, external missions)
    dg ib (external relations: southern mediterranean, middle east, latin america, south and south-east asia, north-south cooperation)
    dg ii (economic and financial affairs)
    dg iii (industry)
    dg iv (competition)
    dg v (employment, industrial relations, and social affairs)
    dg vi (agriculture)
    dg vii (transport)
    dg viii (development)
    dg ix (personnel and administration)
    dg x (information, communication, culture)
    dg xi (environment)
    dg xii (research and development)
    dg xiii(information society, ecommerce, regulatory framework )
    dg xiv (fisheries)
    dg xv (internal market)
    dg xvi (regional policies)
    dg xvii (energy)
    dg xix (budgets)
    dg xx (financial control)
    dg xxi (customs and taxation)
    dg xxii (education, training and youth)
    dg xxiii (enterprise policy, distributive trades, tourism and cooperatives)
    also see employment and social affairs for the new site
    dg xxiv (health and consumer protection)
north america
south america

other organisations

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