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Thunder Lake Management Inc. provides policy reports and analysis, carrys out sector and industry studies, conducts organisational assessments and supports change management, develops startegic plans, and facilitates executive decision-making processes.

We undertake studies on the impacts and implications of international trade negotiations, identify emerging market opportunities, and provide briefings on global economic developments.

Thunder Lake Management Inc.

Thunder Lake Management Inc. is an incorporated (1998) private company that conducts management consulting projects for public and private sector clients.

Competency Areas

Policy Studies (Policy Development, Planning, Research)

Strategic Planning and Facilitation Projects

Organisational Transformation

Evaluation and Performance Management

Trade & Investment Projects

Writing and Editing

Corporate Archives

The corporate archives maintain copies of everything produced in the period 1999 to 2005, including The Trade Policy Monitor newsletter. This archive covers our unique document collection dedicated to negotiating draft texts, communiques, statements, reports, and decisions from the Third WTO Ministerial in Seattle to the Fourth WTO Ministerial in Doha, as well as the complete set of final accession documents that conditioned China's entry into the WTO. The archives are no longer maintained on the site, but please contact us should you need a specific legacy report. Inquiry Point

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